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Karate Combat

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Karate Combat

Karaté Combat is an international sports organization that was founded in 2018 with the aim of promoting karate as a complete and professional combat sport. The organization has attracted attention for its innovative format and high-quality production, as well as for its willingness to push back the boundaries of what karate as a combat sport can be.

Format and Rules

Karaté Combat follows a set of rules designed to promote action and offensive combat. Fights take place in a unique environment called “The Pit”, an arena that encourages fighters to stay engaged in the fight and avoid excessive clinching. Fighters are encouraged to use a variety of techniques, including kicks, punches, knees and throws.

Fights generally last three rounds of three minutes each, with a one-minute rest between each round. Fights are judged according to a points system that values offense, aggressiveness and effective striking techniques.

The Fighters

Karaté Combat welcomes a variety of fighters from around the world, including athletes with experience in traditional karate, kickboxing, MMA and other combat sports. The organization is looking to attract fighters who can excel in its unique format and who are ready to fight in an exciting, offensive way.

Promotion and Production

The organization has done a remarkable job in terms of promotion and production. Fights are broadcast live over the Internet and are available for replay, with commentary in several languages. Events are filmed with high-quality cameras, and the organization regularly produces promotional videos and documentaries about the fighters.

Tournament organization

Tournaments are generally organized as single bouts or knockout tournaments. In knockout tournaments, fighters compete in a series of bouts, with the winner of each bout advancing to the next stage. The process continues until only one fighter remains, who is declared the tournament winner.

Each bout is judged by a panel of judges who award points based on the fighters’ performance. Fighters can also win by KO or TKO, or by submission if their opponent is unable to continue the fight.

Fight format

Karate Combat takes place in a specially designed arena called “The Pit”. This arena has been designed to encourage action and reduce the possibility of escape or excessive clinging.

Fighters are allowed to use a variety of striking techniques, including punches, kicks, knees and throws. However, certain techniques, such as elbow strikes, are prohibited to minimize the risk of injury.

Participation and recognition

Karaté Combat has attracted a number of talented fighters from all over the world. Many fighters have a background in karate, but others have backgrounds in kickboxing, MMA and other martial arts.

The organization has received praise for its high-quality production and unique fighting format. Successful fighters in Karaté Combat have the opportunity to gain worldwide recognition and make a name for themselves in the world of combat sports.

In short, Karaté Combat is an organization that seeks to modernize karate and transform it into a complete and exciting combat sport. It will be interesting to see how the organization evolves in the future, and how it will influence the world of karate and combat sports in general.

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