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WKF Karate Premier League Tournament Concludes in Casablanca, Morocco

tatami central during Casablanca Premier League 2024

The WKF Karate Premier League tournament took place in Casablanca, Morocco, from May 31 to June 2, 2024. With 355 athletes from 54 countries, the event was a significant highlight in the WKF calendar, marking the end of this year’s Premier League circuit. The early conclusion of the circuit this year was due to a packed calendar, which includes two world championships scheduled for the end of 2024—the World Team Senior and the World Cadet, Junior & U21 Championships.

Morocco has long been a strong organizer of the Karate1 Premier League, consistently delivering a prestigious event that draws top-tier competitors from around the world. This year’s tournament was no exception, featuring fierce competition across various kata and kumite categories.

Dominance of Japan

Japan’s athletes demonstrated remarkable prowess and domination throughout the tournament. Securing the most medals of any country, Japan’s performance was highlighted by their clean sweep in the Male Kata category and strong showings in both Female Kata and various kumite weight classes. Their dominance underscores the country’s longstanding tradition and excellence in karate.


results of Casablanca 2024
results of Casablanca 2024

Female Kata

  • Gold: Ono Maho (Japan)
  • Silver: Ohuchi Mirisa (Japan)
  • Bronze: Lau Mo Sheung Grace (Hong Kong, China)
  • Bronze: Mishima Kiri (Japan)

Female Kumite -50 kg

  • Gold: Salazar Yorgelis (Venezuela)
  • Silver: Zhangbyrbay Moldir (Kazakhstan)
  • Bronze: Okazaki Aika (Japan)
  • Bronze: Tsutsumi Sara (Japan)

Female Kumite -55 kg

  • Gold: Toro Meneses Valentina (Chile)
  • Silver: Agung Sanistyarani Cok Istri (Indonesia)
  • Bronze: Ku Tsui-Ping (Chinese Taipei)
  • Bronze: Lallo Viola (Italy)

Female Kumite -61 kg

  • Gold: Gong Li (People’s Republic of China)
  • Silver: Kujuro Yuki (Japan)
  • Bronze: Khamis Reem (Germany)
  • Bronze: Sholokhova Oleksandra (Ukraine)

Female Kumite -68 kg

  • Gold: Quirici Elena (Switzerland)
  • Silver: Hendy Hadir (Egypt)
  • Bronze: Sombe Thalya (France)
  • Bronze: Sieliemienieva Elina (Ukraine)

Female Kumite 68+ kg

  • Gold: Garcia Nancy (France)
  • Silver: Berultseva Sofya (Kazakhstan)
  • Bronze: Hocaoglu Akyol Meltem (Türkiye)
  • Bronze: Lesjak Lucija (Croatia)

Male Kata

  • Gold: Nishiyama Kakeru (Japan)
  • Silver: Moto Ryuji (Japan)
  • Bronze: Abe Sakichi (Japan)
  • Bronze: Moto Kazumasa (Japan)

Male Kumite -60 kg

  • Gold: Hashimoto Hiromu (Japan)
  • Silver: Shaaban Abdullah (Kuwait)
  • Bronze: Alpysbay Kaisar (Kazakhstan)
  • Bronze: Jina Abdel Ali (Morocco)

Male Kumite -67 kg

  • Gold: Almasatfa Abdel Rahman (Jordan)
  • Silver: Kozaki Yugo (Japan)
  • Bronze: Tas Yanis (France)
  • Bronze: Oezdemir Muhammed (Germany)

Male Kumite -75 kg

  • Gold: Abdelaziz Abdalla (Egypt)
  • Silver: Berthon Enzo (France)
  • Bronze: Mahauden Quentin (Belgium)
  • Bronze: Azhikanov Nurkanat (Kazakhstan)

Male Kumite -84 kg

  • Gold: Toroshanko Andrii (Ukraine)
  • Silver: Yuldashev Daniyar (Kazakhstan)
  • Bronze: Mastrogiannis Konstantinos (Greece)
  • Bronze: Eto Junya (Japan)

Male Kumite 84+ kg

  • Gold: Talibov Ryzvan (Ukraine)
  • Silver: Mahmoud Taha Tarek (Egypt)
  • Bronze: Filali Mehdi (France)
  • Bronze: Zouaoui Amir (France)

All results here

Medal Tally

The table below summarizes the ranking of countries by the number of medals won:

People’s Republic of China1001
Hong Kong, China0011
Chinese Taipei0011

This year’s event showcased exceptional talent and competitive spirit, reinforcing the importance of the Karate1 Premier League in the global karate community. The next major events, the World Team Senior and World Cadet, Junior & U21 Championships, are highly anticipated as athletes continue to demonstrate their dedication and prowess in the sport.

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