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Para-Karate Competition Results at the 2024 PKF Senior Karate Championships

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The Para-Karate events at the 2024 PKF Senior Karate Championships in Punta del Este, Uruguay, showcased exceptional talent and resilience. Athletes from various categories demonstrated their skills, inspiring the audience with their performances. Here are the results from the Para-Karate competition:

Blind/Visually Impaired Male K10

  1. Jose Roberto Gonzalez Carreon – Mexico
  2. Sabahudin Tricic – United States
  3. Francisco Rivera Raya – Mexico
  4. John Klatt – United States

Intellectually Impaired Female K21

  1. Maria Jose Vergara Rauque – Chile
  2. Patricia Wright – Canada
  3. Jamie Green – United States
  4. Alejandra Payan – United States

Intellectually Impaired Female K22

  1. Natalie Olson – Canada
  2. Lucero Alvarez – Chile

Intellectually Impaired Male K21

  1. Jose Bustos Vergara – Chile
  2. Cristian Reyes – Chile

Intellectually Impaired Male K22

  1. Nicolas Vilches – Chile
  2. Jose Luis Guerrero Gomez – Mexico
  3. Kevin Rodriguez – United States

Wheelchair User Female K30

  1. Darien Paula Ulloa Ramos – Chile
  2. Jocelyn Torres – Chile

Wheelchair User Male K30

  1. Jaime Ruiz – Brazil
  2. Andrius Vicente – Brazil
  3. Sebastian Kanisius – Chile
  4. Gabriel Teran Diaz – Chile

Highlights of the Para-Karate Competition

The Para-Karate competition was a testament to the spirit of inclusivity and determination. Athletes overcame personal challenges to deliver powerful performances, earning applause and admiration from spectators. Chile, in particular, had a strong presence, securing multiple top positions across various categories.

Medal Tally Update

With the conclusion of the Para-Karate events, the overall medal tally has been updated to reflect the latest results. The competition continues to be fierce, with countries vying for the top spots. Here is the updated medal table, including the Para-Karate results:

Updated Medal Tally

1United States64818
10Dominican Republic0101

The 2024 PKF Senior Karate Championships continue to be a platform for showcasing exceptional talent and dedication. The Para-Karate events, in particular, highlighted the inclusive spirit of the competition, celebrating the achievements of all athletes. As the championship progresses, the excitement and anticipation for upcoming events remain high.

(Note: The medal tally includes results from all events up to and including the Para-Karate competition.)

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