Karate in LA28 Paralympic Games?

Olympic Games LA28

A record of 33 Para sports have submitted applications to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to be considered for inclusion in the LA28 Paralympic Games sport programme.

All International Federations with sports at Paris 2024 put forward applications, together with potential new additions arm wrestling, climbing, CP soccer, golf, karate, Para dance sport, powerchair soccer, sailing, surfing, wheelchair handball, and beach paravolley.

Final decision on the LA28 Paralympic sport programme will be taken by the end of January 2023

More info: https: //www.paralympic.org/news/record-33-sports-bid-la28-paralympic-games-inclusion?fbclid=IwAR11V-Di0D1Rev4OqzkNX4jXRRuL5MpI-fX6WSy1HIx_f7SQwN6UeNWa3tI

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