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Host Country Changes for EKF Events in 2024 & 2025

In a pivotal meeting led by European Karate Federation (EKF) President Antonio Espinós, key decisions shaping the future of European karate were made. Members, joining remotely, focused on reviewing the EKF competition calendar and discussing the federation’s long-term schedule, addressing significant changes and upcoming events.

Main Agenda and Decisions:
The meeting’s primary agenda included a thorough review of the EKF’s competition calendar, a crucial aspect for the strategic planning and organization of karate events across Europe. The long-term schedule of the EKF was also a point of discussion, highlighting the federation’s commitment to the growth and development of the sport.

A significant decision made during the meeting was regarding the celebration of the EKF’s major upcoming events. The Executive Committee reached an agreement on the locations and timing of these pivotal events, marking a step forward in the federation’s efforts to expand and enhance the sport’s reach.

Armenia to Host EKF Seniors in 2025:
In a noteworthy development, Armenia was formally approved by the Executive Committee to host the EKF Seniors in 2025. This decision came after receiving support from the official Armenian sports authorities. Armenia’s selection replaces the previously forfeited bid of Azerbaijan to host the event. This change signifies a shift in the geographical landscape of European karate, bringing the spotlight to Armenia’s growing involvement in the sport.

Ukraine’s 2026 Bid Considered Void:
The meeting also addressed the 2026 Senior Championships. Initially proposed to be held in Ukraine, this plan was rendered void due to the ongoing situation in the country. Acknowledging the challenges faced by Ukraine, the Executive Committee decided to search for an alternative host, demonstrating the EKF’s adaptability and commitment to ensuring the continuity of its events despite unforeseen circumstances.

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